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06/12/2006 It's this time of the Year again... In other words I gave frosty-geek.net a design Overhaul ;o)
28/04/2005 Added Patch and README to RSS Torrent Loader
23/01/2005 RSS Torrent Loader - A automated torrent file extractor from RSS feeds like btefnet.org.
08/01/2005 Now featuring my own BLOG ;)
12/04/2004 I put up a webpage about the x5 Laptop and how I got it to work with Linux.
15/03/2004 It only took me 3 years to partly update the stuff here ;)
24/07/2001 frosty-geek.net is back with a new design.
29/05/2000 New Version of this Homepage is released.
29/05/2000 squid-graph.sh has been released.
04/05/2000 patch-kernel has been released.
04/05/2000 New Version of this Homepage is released.